Exhaust Repair in Newport

If you are looking for an auto garage that can repair your vehicle's exhaust system, we invite you to visit the PJM Auto LLC shop today. With years of experience to our name, we've learned how to identify even the most mysterious exhaust issues. Even better, we have learned how to correct the problems, too.

Has your car lost some of its accelerating power? Have you been noticing a strange smell emanating from the engine bay? Rest assured, the mechanics at our shop are more than capable of addressing all these issues and more. For swift and affordable service, bring your vehicle to our shop or call (541) 265-8229 to speak to a professional.

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Taking Care of Your Car

We count on our vehicles for a lot. They get us to work, they take us home, and they make sure we arrive at every destination on time. It only makes sense that some issues might arise from time to time.

When it comes to your vehicle's exhaust system, any number of problems can occur. Some of these issues are minor, while others are a cause for concern. The solution to these issues is a simple one. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to our shop. Once the vehicle is in our hands, we'll be able to investigate the problems and propose actionable, cost-effective solutions.

Servicing Cars and Serving Customers

At our shop, we specialize in exhaust repair and maintenance—but that's not all. We also specialize in customer service. Our mechanics don't just tend to your vehicle—they also take time to answer your questions. Here, we service cars while also providing exceptional customer service.

With our services, you can always expect:

  • Competitive rates
  • Fast turnarounds on repairs
  • In-depth inspections
  • Professional and personable staff
  • Warranties when applicable
  • And more

Is it time to address your vehicle's exhaust problems? Bring your vehicle to our shop today.

Addressing All Exhaust Issues

Motorists throughout the Newport area trust us to address automotive issues big and small. From clogged mufflers to faulty manifold gaskets, we fix it all.

Your vehicle's exhaust system aids every component of the car. Oftentimes, exhaust problems present themselves in mysterious and misleading ways. Over the years, we have come to understand which problems point to a faulty or damaged exhaust system. Some of these include:

Noisy Engine

A noisy engine can mean any number of things. More often than not, however, it means that the exhaust system has sprung a leak. Faulty manifold gaskets often result in leaky exhausts, which can sound like loud hisses when you turn on your vehicle.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed that your vehicle burns much more gas than usual? Chances are, your vehicle's exhaust system has something to do with it. Thankfully, our mechanics know the solution to this problem.

Damaged Exhaust Pipes

Is your exhaust pipe dangling from the vehicle? We can reattach and repair your exhaust pipe with ease.

Maintaining the Exhaust and Muffler

You may not realize it but your exhaust might be the most important part of your car. While it may not keep you moving forward or steer you in the right direction, the exhaust and muffler systems prevent dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide from entering your vehicle.

Over time, Newport climate and road conditions can cause the exhaust to break or wear down. To protect your vehicle’s integrity as well as your well-being, bring it in to PJM Auto LLC. Our team of trustworthy and professional mechanics are guaranteed to diagnose the issue and provide all the necessary service so you can get back on the road with the peace of mind that you’re not about to fail an emissions test.

Call PJM Auto LLC today to schedule an appointment so we can begin assessing your exhaust.

Warning Signs Your Exhaust and Muffler Need Repairs

If your exhaust or muffler is damaged, it can seriously decrease the efficiency of your vehicle as well as put your health at risk. Here are some telltale signs that you need to get some repairs on your exhaust and muffler to bring it back to peak efficiency:

  • The vehicle makes louder noises than usual
  • Fuel consumption increases / Lack of performance is noticeable
  • Rust is visible on the exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust system rattles noticeably
  • Unusual smell or burning odor

If these symptoms are prevalent in your vehicle, there may be an exhaust leak due to corrosion.

Another telltale sign to look out for is noise. If your vehicle is noticeably louder than it’s been, then there might be a problem with your exhaust. An engine leak at the manifold greatly increases the engine’s volume as well as the possibility to allow dangerous fumes to waft into the cabin. Odd vibrations in the steering wheel or gas pedals are also signs that you are leaking exhaust. If the problem is serious enough, you may feel the entire vehicle shake.

These aren’t just road-safety issues, they are health issues. Contact one of our mechanics today if you think there is a problem with your exhaust.

Repairing the Exhaust Yourself

A quick Google search will reveal that there is no shortage of DIY solutions for a broken exhaust. Many of them state that your car can be repaired with as little as tape or a tin can.

Can you really repair an exhaust pipe with a bit of tape and a tin can? Well…you can tape a tin can to your exhaust but you can hardly call that a repair. The only instance where this can pass for an adequate repair is if you don’t care about inhaling toxic fumes or Newport’s atmosphere.

If you don’t want to risk your health and safety, schedule an appointment with one of PJM Auto LLC’s trusted Newport mechanics. When you do, you can breathe easy knowing that our solution is a lot more technical and proven than the tin-can and tape technique. Call us today to find out more about we can do for your vehicle.